Index Trading

Assess your performance against the world’s most prestigious stock market indices.

Rather than focusing exclusively on a single stock, our indices enable you to profit from leading industry sectors or the market as a whole. Indeed, we offer over a dozen stock indices from around the world, including the USA 500, Europe 50, the United Kingdom 100, Germany 30, and France 40, to name a few.

Trading indices provide access to global or regional markets without requiring an in-depth examination of the financial statements of multiple companies. Additionally, it minimizes the risk of your portfolios being exposed to the poor performance or bankruptcy of specific companies. 

Calculating the stock market indices’ prices has become easier in the digital era, thanks to methods such as market capitalization and the price weighting formula, as illustrated here:

The more widely used method is market capitalization, which measures the value of a company’s stock in terms of its total market value.

Multiply the number of outstanding shares by the current market value of a single share of the company to obtain this value. This method gives a higher weight to companies with higher share prices, which means that changes in their values will have a greater impact on the current price of the stock index in which they are included.